Staff Relocation

Relocating to the Middle East can often prove demanding, costly and very time consuming. Processes and procedures are found to be very different to most other countries, and finding yourself in a strange place with little support and local knowledge can not only be stressful for you, but also have an impact on your family’s happiness and wellbeing... that’s why choosing the right relocation company is paramount.


VIP Club provides an extensive personal relocation service for expat families and business executives.  We recognise each person has their own specific requirements, and that’s why our relocation package options have been carefully designed to provide you with our full support on every aspect of your domestic relocation.

As well as much more, we offer assistance with housing, schools & education, visas, healthcare, departure services, trade services and business relocation advice.


Intercultural training

  • What do you mean, why is working in an intercultural team in Dubai different than working in a multinational team in Europe?
  • Why does it seem that in Dubai all the competences and skills I was praised for do not seem to matter here?
  • I am going to the mall today for the first time, what is an appropriate way to dress?

Intercultural training can help people work effectively in a multicultural team and as productive possible. Intercultural focusses on the acknowledgement of different cultures and how they interact with each other and how you can benefit from working in multicultural teams.

On a more personal level you will gather insight on customs as they are appropriate in the UAE. The do´s and don’ts regarding living in a Muslim country although it sometimes looks as a western society.