Q: How can I request / book your services?

A: You can contact directly your appointed Personal Manager by phone/ email/ or mobile application and we will respond to you in just a few hours.


Q: What if I need your help with a service you did not list on your website?

A: No worries, just give us a call or send us an email with your specific request and we will happily accommodate you as long as it is legal, ethical and moral.


Q: What if I need to cancel a booking?

A: Cancellations need to be communicated to us at least 24 hours before commencement of service in order to avoid any charges.


Q: What methods of payment do you accept?

A: We accept cash and personal checks. Credit cards are accepted via PayPal.


Q: Are materials and expenses included in your hourly rate?

A: No they are not, they are the responsibility of the client.


Q: How can a concierge help me?

A: VIP Club is available to assist you with your everyday tasks and errands, or to plan a dinner party or a romantic weekend getaway. We are here to help you with both big and small tasks – just call on us and we’ll help you organize, streamline, and balance your life.


Q: Do I get a dedicated rep?

A: Yes. VIP Club assigns your Personal Relationship Manager based on a process of needs assessment (on your side) and skills and experience (on our side). Your PRM is available during business hours.


Q: What tasks can you do?

A: Our professional admins can help with everything. Our most popular types of requests fall into one of the following categories; bookings, time management, research, proofreading, scheduling, document creation, making calls, ticketing, travel, and more.


Q: Whose name will you use?

A: VIP Club will always make calls on behalf of "Your Name." Our professional administrators will also identify themselves as your “assistant” but cannot impersonate you.


Q: Can I add more time?

A: Yes. Additional hours are available a la carte in the event you run out of time during your billing cycle. You also have the option of upgrading or downgrading your account at anytime.


Q: Will you run my errands?

A: VIP Club provides all services virtually, so we do not pick up, drop off, run errands or perform in-person physical tasks. However, we’re happy to coordinate those kinds of local, in-person services as you require.